Six Tips for Healthy Hair this Winter ❄️


 At this time of year we need to be as kind to our hair as we are to our bodies. Cold, winter weather can leave our immune systems weaker and we can be more susceptible to getting sick. Being ill and run down will often show first in our hair. Poor hair health is displayed as dull, lifeless, lacking vitality and shine. It can also include hair loss. There are things we can do to help externally but firstly looking inwardly can help too. 

  • Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water is the best way to hydrate the entire body.  Hair on the surface is dead but if it is well nourished and hydrated at the hair bulb or root by a healthy bloodstream it will appear healthier at the surface.
  • Try supplements: Supplements taken over the winter can significantly improve hair health but foods containing these nutrients are most beneficial. The particular nutrients that the body needs to promote healthy hair growth include vitamin B, iron, zinc, protein, vitamin E and silica (always consult your doctor first).
  • Think about your diet: Foods which are high in iron include dried fruits (like raisins and cherries) spirulina, eggs and dark green leafy vegetables. Meat, seafood and beans are some great sources of protein along with nuts which are also full of Vitamin E and zinc. Vitamin E is also found in avocados, seeds and olive oil. Silica can be taken as a supplement but other great sources include potato skins and peppers. As always a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables will have you feeling great, have your hair looking great and your general health.
  • Try a hair treatment: At Wilde salon we have many treatments on offer which will benefit your hair. Olaplex is a great strengthening treatment which can be done in the salon and followed up at home with no 3. (Read more about OLAPEX in a previous post). Kerastase has some wonderful treatments which can be applied at home or in the salon.  Even if you think your hair is in good condition your hair will still benefit from treatments. It is important to get into a routine and use treatments regularly. In-salon treatments include the Fusio-Dose which can be prescribed for every different hair type. These are an excellent treatment immediately after colour or for clients coming in for a blowdry as the service only takes about 15 mins and as these treatments are in a concentrated liquid form they will not weigh your hair down during blow-drying.
  • Masks can also be done in the salon, but these are a great take home treatment for your day of beauty or putting them in your hair overnight.
  • Speak to your stylist: it is also beneficial for your stylist to examine your scalp. During the winter months our skin on our face and body gets much drier but we can easily forget about the scalp. Wilde also has a variety of great scalp treatments not only for dryness but also for sensitivity (watch this space for another blog post on skin sensitivity) Scalp health is vitally important to ensure healthy hair growth so if in doubt always check with your stylist.


Hazel Keogan

Creative Director  

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